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If you haven’t heard of gel blasters before, they’re the new kid on the toy gun block and worth checking out if you’ve ever wished you could play with a paintball or dart gun without worrying about any cleanup. Instead of using paintballs or other projectiles that will litter the ground, gel blaster guns use water-based gel balls. 

Similar to Orbeez or other water beads you may have encountered, these gel balls are biodegradable and will not leave any stains behind. Made of non-toxic, super-absorbent materials called sodium polyacrylate, these beads might initially look tiny. However, if left in water for approximately 4 hours, they will expand up to 1000 times their size!

When fired from a gel blaster gun, they burst on impact and will not cause damage. You may feel slightly stung when hit by one, but just enough to make your game exciting!

Gel Blaster Surge

Whether you’re a kid or adult, experienced with toy blasters, or a beginner, the Gel Blaster Surge will provide hours of fun. It has two possible velocities, so for younger kids or beginners, you can lower the velocity to 90 feet per second to get used to the blaster and a higher velocity of 170 feet per second for more experienced players.

  • Best Overall – Gel Blaster Surge
  • The Gel Blaster Surge has two blast modes. Semi-automatic, which releases one gel ball per trigger pull, and fully automatic, which releases eight gel balls per second while you hold down the trigger. With a maximum range of 100 feet and a hopper that holds 800 gel balls, you’re in for hours of fun!
  • Best Tactical Gel Blaster – Ferllde M1911 Gel Blaster
  • After comparing the M1911 gel blaster with similar tactical-style blasters, it outperformed them overall. However, its overall quality felt inferior and less durable. However, the M1911 gel blaster does have an effective flashlight. It’s a fun gel blaster for tactical shooting.
  • Best Budget Gel Blaster – ETOVO Electric Gel Blaster
    Considering the price, the ETOVO is surprisingly accurate, easy to assemble, and great value for the money. Highly recommend purchasing this gel blaster if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option.

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Benefits of a Gel Gun Blaster?

Suppose you’ve ever walked around a park or backyard scanning the ground and collecting errant foam darts. In that case, the appeal of a toy blaster gun with ammo that instantly dissolves will be immediately obvious. Several options are available for toy guns, from water guns to airsoft guns to paintball guns and dart guns, but a few features of gel blasters set them apart from their competitors.

As already mentioned, gel ball blasters have minimal to no cleanup. The gel balls burst upon impact and dissolve, so you don’t need to worry about ammo littering the ground or paintballs making a mess. The balls are all-natural and have no negative impact on the environment, although be aware that if you’re shooting them inside, they may leave a small amount of water behind. 

They’re also very safe to use. The impact of a gel ball hitting bare skin feels like no more than a rubber band snapping, and the sting disappears quickly – you might even be having too much fun to notice! The balls are also nontoxic and non-irritating, so they won’t leave any residue on the skin. It is advised to take precautions to protect your eyes and faces from flying fragments of gel balls, which is why most gel blasters on the market include safety glasses. 

Gel blaster guns are tons of fun for kids and adults, a perfect way for the whole family to get outside and have fun!

How To Soak Gel Gun Pellets

To properly soak gel gun pellets, follow these steps for optimal performance.

  1. Place the gellets in a large bowl. Make sure they are completely submerged.
  2. Soak at room temperature for about 3 to 4 hours. For a quicker result, use water heated to around 176 degrees Fahrenheit and soak the gellets for 1 to 2 hours.

You’ll need to be aware of making sure you’re using the correct size ammo. Many gel blasters use 0.2 to 0.3-inch-sized gel beads, but some models might use 0.4-inch beads. These beads are softer and more likely to break upon impact. It’s important to buy the correct-sized ammo because if your beads are too large, they won’t fire correctly, and if they’re too small, they won’t travel far, making your gel gun less effective. Double-check which size ammo your gel ball blaster takes before purchasing to be on the safe side!

Buyer’s Guide

What Is Included in With the Gun?

This will depend on which model of gel blaster you decide to purchase. Generally speaking, you can expect to find a gel blaster gun, battery, charger (if it’s a rechargeable battery), and a pack of gel blaster ammo to get you started. Some models of gel blasters might also come with accessories such as safety goggles or a carrying case. Read the description of your chosen gel blaster carefully before purchasing so you know what to expect when you open the box.

What Range and Velocity Are You Looking For?

The range of the gel ball blasters on our list varies from 60 to 100 feet, so think about what you plan to use your blasters for. You might want a longer range if you’re picturing epic long-range battles in a more spread-out setting, such as a park or large yard. A shorter range might be fine if you want a basic backyard fight. 

As for velocity, think of it this way: the faster they travel, the harder they hit! While none of the gel ball blasters will cause any damage, if you’re buying a blaster for a younger child, you might want to choose one with a lower velocity.

What Batteries Does It Use?

Although some models may vary, the gel gun blasters on our list all take rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Both batteries and charging cable are included, but if you purchase a different gel blaster gun not on our list, that may not be the case, so read the product description carefully.

How Often Will You Need to Stock Up on Gel Balls?

This will depend on how often and for how long you use your gel blaster per session and the size of the refill pack you buy. Most of the blasters on our list will last between 1000 and 1500 rounds fired per battery charge, so if we take the upper limit of that amount and assume you play with your gel blaster every day for the duration of one full battery charge, you’ll go through a 10 000 pack refill of gel balls in about a week.

The gel blaster ammo refill packs are available in various sizes, so if you’re planning to use your gel gun frequently, purchase a larger refill pack that will last a long time. You can find refill packs of 200 000 gel beads for under 20 dollars on Amazon, which should last most users for a while!

How Long Does Its Battery Last?

Battery longevity is hard to measure, as it is sometimes expressed in terms of the intensity of use and sometimes as a designated length of time. Some of the gel ball blasters on our list state that one full battery charge can last for up to 1500 rounds fired, so this will depend on how intensely you are using it.

If you use the trigger to shoot single rounds of gel balls, sniper style, you’ll get more hours of play out of a single battery charge than if you’re continuously shooting a hundred rounds per minute. Alternatively, some gel blasters talk about battery life in terms of up to a certain number of hours, which is also related to the intensity of play. Higher-intensity use will use up the battery faster.

Are There Any Safety Concerns to Be Aware Of?

Potential eye harm is the primary safety concern you should be aware of when using a gel blaster. The mini gel balls will not hurt if they hit on parts of the body such as arms or legs, but if you are hit in the eye, and the gel ball explodes, there is the possibility of eye damage. If this happens, you should contact a doctor right away.

Wear safety goggles or glasses when using a gel gun blaster, and remind all participants to aim low on the body, below the neck, which is recommended to prevent eye injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have to Clean the Gel Bullets?

No, although they need to be put in water, you don’t need to clean the gel bullets. The gel bullets are made of a concentrated material that expands when wet, so they must be soaked for approximately 4 hours before use.

Do You Have to Use the Brand Gel Bullets, or Can You Use Any Bullet of the Same Size?

You should be able to purchase refills and use any bullet of a different brand if you use the same size. Most gel blasters and refills are 7-8 mm, but some are a bigger 10 mm size, so make sure the product states the correct size before purchasing. Some gel blasters may achieve optimal performance using their same brand bullets, but they will still function using another brand.

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