The Best Electric Roller Skates


Think roller skates are fun? Ever tried a hoverboard and thought “how can I make this even cooler?” If you have, or if you’re looking for a new and novel way to travel around town and impress your friends, check out electric roller skates!

Also sometimes called hover shoes or hover skates, these battery-powered devices are essentially two single-wheeled hoverboards that work together in tandem. They work best on smooth, flat surfaces, such as a paved driveway or even indoors, if you’ve got a flat open space large enough to ride around on.

When it comes to operating them, they’ve got more in common with hoverboards than traditional roller skates, so you might want to check out our hoverboard safety guide or our guide for tips on riding a hoverboard to familiarize yourself with some hoverboard basics.

Electric roller skates are great fun for both kids and adults. You can exercise, dance, and roll around town on one of the coolest rides out there. Read on for a buyer’s guide filled with tips, frequently asked questions, and reviews of some of the top electric roller skates out there!


Gyroor S300 Electric Roller Skates

Suitable for kids and adults of all ages, the Gyroor S300 electric roller skates can be used by individuals up to a maximum of 265 lbs. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a 250W motor high power brushless dual motor combine to give you speed, stability, and durability.

Roller Skates vs Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards can also be a source of exercise – primarily for the legs, but also a great way to hone your balance skills – but they are more of a mobility device, made for fun and entertainment. They are a great way for older kids or teens to travel around town and can achieve impressive speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. Environmentally friendly, they are very lightweight which makes them very easy to carry when you’re out and about.

They’re easy for beginners to learn how to use and don’t require much maintenance, and they’re smaller than other similar methods of electric transport such as bikes and scooters, so they’re easy to bring on public transit in urban areas or store in a locker at school. 

Electric roller skates and electric skateboards have similar drawbacks to consider when you’re trying to decide. Neither are great to use in bad weather, so if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain or snow, your use may be limited. They can also be dangerous, especially when ridden at higher speeds.

Depending on your school or work setup, storing them during the day might be a challenge, too – electric bikes or scooters can be locked up outside against a fence or bike rack, but not skateboards or roller skates, so you’ll need to be sure that you have a spot to store your electric skateboard or hover shoes during the day. 

If you or your child are going to be using your new mobility device to commute to school or work, consider how long you’ll be traveling, and whether or not you’ll have access to an outlet to recharge during the day. Typical battery life for a pair of electric roller skates is about 45 minutes to an hour, so if your commute to and from school is less than that, you should be fine.

If you feel that commuting to and from your school or place of work will be cutting it close, keep in mind that once the battery runs out, you can still use your foot to power an electric skateboard, but electric roller skates will have to be carried if the battery runs down while they are in use.

Another difference between the two devices is that the electric skateboard had only one board to control, while the electric roller skates consist of two, so consider how coordinated you or your child is, and how long you’re willing to put in the work to master your new device. 

How to Use Electric Roller Skates

Even if you’re a proficient roller skater, you might find that there’s a learning curve to figuring out electric roller skates. In fact, previous experience with hoverboards is probably going to serve you better here, since electric roller skates are closer to two individual hoverboards, one for each foot. Self-balancing on a single wheel, you can move them back and forth independently of each other through the pressure you apply to your feet. 

When you’re trying them for the first time, make sure you try your electric roller skates out on the flat ground, preferably cleared of any small obstacles like pebbles. A paved path or driveway, or sidewalk, is perfect. Step forward onto your skates, and when you’re ready to get off, lean back slightly to make them stop before stepping back off your hover skates. If you find it difficult to keep your balance while riding, you can recalibrate your electric roller skates by turning them off, putting them upside down on a flat surface, then turning them back on and trying again.

Buyer’s Guide

It can be overwhelming to choose between all the different types of active transportation available these days. If you’re trying to decide between a few options, consider the pros and cons of each. Electric roller skates can serve multiple purposes for either exercise, dancing, or just having fun riding around. They are a great piece of equipment for cross-training, and the activity can be compared to exercises such as running or jogging.

One great benefit of electric roller skates is that they’re gentle on the joints, so are perfect for skaters both young and old. They are a great way to engage both balance and strength all the while having fun and staying active. There are several different types available, from inline to traditional roller skate design, so you can choose whichever suits your preferences.

What Will You Be Using it For?

When you’re choosing a pair of hover skates, there are two key factors to keep in mind – who is going to be using them, and what will you be using them for? If they’re intended for a child, you might want to consider the weight of each individual skate to make sure a child could carry them. If they’re going to be used by a teen to travel to and from school or friends’ houses, make sure that the battery will last long enough to get them there and back on a single charge. 

Battery Life

One important consideration when you’re buying electric roller skates is related to the last topic discussed – what are you going to be using them for, and will the battery last long enough? For recreational use, keep track of time if you’re taking them on a trail – if your battery lasts for an hour, make sure you’re back at the starting point by the time the battery runs out!

If you’re going to use your electric roller skates for commuting to school or work, consider if there’s anywhere to charge the battery at your destination. If you can recharge in between, your use will be prolonged; if you can’t recharge during the day, you’ll have to be sure that you can travel to and from your destination on a single charge. If your battery runs out before you reach your destination, you’ll have to carry your electric roller skates the rest of the way back, since unlike electric scooters or skateboards you cannot continue to use them with just foot power. 

The Speed and Braking System

Electric roller skates function in much the same way as a hoverboard does. To make them go, simply step on the footbed and lean forward slightly. As soon as the sensor registers your weight it will start to move, so try and do this quickly! To make the skates move faster, lean forward. If you want to turn, shift the pressure in your feet in the direction you want to go.

When you’re ready to stop, lean backward, and the sensor in the skates will pick up the shift in your movements and stop. When you’re just starting out, it’s a good idea to keep your movements as small and subtle as possible, as drastic movements can cause you to move faster than you intended, throwing your balance off. Slowing down gradually is the way to go!

And Safety Concerns You Need to Think About

While electric roller skates are tons of fun, there are some important safety concerns to take into consideration. Anyone who tries them out, whether they are kids or adults, should wear a full kit of safety gear. This includes not just a helmet, but also knee and elbow pads as well as wrist guards. This is especially important when you’re just starting out and will inevitably take a few tumbles as part of the learning curve. 

Once you’ve got your safety gear on, the next thing to do is to choose a safe place to practice riding until you’re confident you have mastered skills such as getting on, turning, and dismounting. Choose a clear, flat, paved surface with few obstacles. Try finding an empty tennis or basketball court, a driveway with no incline, or even an empty parking lot (just stay alert in case a car does come in!). It’s helpful if someone is with you to spot you and be there to offer assistance in case of a fall. 

When you’re using your electric roller skates on roads or paved paths, it’s important to make yourself visible. If riding after dark, wear reflective clothing. Be aware of the weather – electric roller skates should not be used in rain or snow. It’s also worth considering that, aside from when you’re first learning, most accidents happen when riders become overconfident in their abilities and start traveling at faster speeds or cutting corners with safety precautions, so no matter how skilled you become, don’t let your guard down!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Keep Them Attached to Your Feet?

The short answer is – you don’t! The slightly more detailed explanation is that there are no fasteners to connect your feet to the electric roller skates, unlike traditional skates, because your feet just rest on top of the footbeds. That’s why they are sometimes called ‘hover shoes’ or ‘hover skates’ as well. You simply step onto the footbed like a one-footed hoverboard, lean forward slightly, and you’re off! If your foot loses contact with one of the electric roller skates, it will stop moving.

Can You Perform Tricks?

Yes, electric roller skates are ideal for performing tricks! Once you’ve mastered mounting and dismounting, moving forwards and backward, and have figured out how much pressure you need to apply to turn, it’s fun to practice dance moves or try out some tricks on your new skates.

Warning – traditional rollerskate or rollerblading tricks might not transfer well because of the nature of electric roller skates. For example, you won’t be able to do jumps in these skates, because your foot cannot lose contact with the footbed. But many tricks that can be performed on hoverboards can also be done on electric roller skates. Search Youtube for inspiration, or just enjoy playing around and seeing what you can do!


Gyroor S300 Electric Roller Skates

Suitable for kids and adults of all ages, the Gyroor S300 electric roller skates can be used by individuals up to a maximum of 265 lbs. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a 250W motor high power brushless dual motor combine to give you speed, stability, and durability.

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