Kinderfeets Chalkboard Balance Bike Review


The Kinderfeets Chalkboard balance bike is a product that has already won numerous awards, so I was quite curious to check it out for myself. It packs a couple of features not often seen on balance bikes, which makes it a safer as well as more customizable option for kids. Of course, there is plenty more to this bike, so let’s see what why it might be the ideal gift for your child.


Wooden balance bikes are generally a bit lighter than their metal counterparts and the Kinderfeets is no exception. It weighs only about 8 lbs. and the weight it also pretty evenly distributed which makes it easy to carry. It is designed for kids between the ages of 2 and 5 which means that there is plenty of growing room and it has a weight limit of 65 pounds.

Assembling this bike was a piece of cake and literally only involved attaching the wheels, handlebar and front fork. Full instructions as well as tools are included in the box and overall the whole process shouldn’t take much more than ten minutes to complete. In the unlikely event that you really can’t figure it out there is also a video available from the manufacturers’ website that shows you exactly what to do. Overall I’m impressed with the construction of the Kinderfeets bike, but like all wooden balance bikes you are going to have to fasten some bolts from time to time. It is also a good idea to keep the wood out of the elements as even with the lacquer veneer coating the birch wood can get damaged from prolonged exposure.


Feature wise the Kinderfeets Chalkboard derives its name from its chalkboard finish which allows kids to customize their own bikes. It is a really neat touch and my daughter spent almost as much time drawing new designs on the bike as she did riding it. As an added bonus there is some chalk included with the bike, so you don’t have to rush out and buy some. The bike is hand made in China and the overall construction seems pretty good. Earlier models had some issues with the construction of the seat, but this issue seems to have since been resolved by the company. The bike has an adjustable seat which can be set to anywhere between 13 and 16 inches, but don’t expect to be doing it on the fly as it requires a little bit of effort and tools to accomplish. A really nice touch is the comfortable seat cushion which can also be removed and washed.

The Kinderfeets Chalkboard balance bike is built low to the ground and thanks to the low step through frame is easy for kids to mount. The bike has a footrest where the pedals on a normal bike would typically be which makes it easier for kids to learn where to place their feet. The handlebars have a turning limiter which prevents kids from making sharp turns and jackknifing and are also foam covered to protect your walls on those rainy days when kids can ride the bike indoors. You don’t have to worry about your floors either if this happens as the tires are made from an EVA polymer which is suitable for all surfaces. If you prefer pneumatic tires you can purchase ones that are compatible with this bike separately. For added safety even the wheels are wooden and feature a spokeless design to ensure that kids can’t hurt themselves.

Pros & Cons

Compared to other wooden balance bikes on the market the Kinderfeets Chalkboard has plenty to offer. Take a look out my list of pros and cons for this bike for an idea about what you can expect when making your purchase.

Kinderfeets Chalkboard Balance Bike Pros

  • Only weights 8 lbs and the weight is evenly distributed which makes it easy to carry.
  • Easy to assemble and includes full instructions as well as tools.
  • The Seat can be adjusted and has a comfortable, washable seat cushion.
  • The footrests are positioned where the pedals would be on a normal bike making it easy for kids to transition.
  • This eco-friendly balance bike is made from birch wood.
  • The handlebars are covered in foam for a comfortable grip and to keep walls safe during indoor use.
  • The chalkboard design of the bike makes it easy for kids to customize to their liking.
  • The bike uses wooden wheels without spokes making it a safe option.
  • The EVA polymer tires are suitable for use on all surfaces and cannot go flat.
  • Optional pneumatic tires are also available separately for this bike.
  • The bike is low to the ground making it easy for children to mount.

Kinderfeets Chalkboard Balance Bike Cons

  • Can be damaged by the elements so should not be left outside.
  • Adjusting the seat requires a lot of effort and tools to accomplish.
  • Early models of the bike had some issues with the durability of the seat.


The Kinderfeets Chalkboard balance bike is definitely a great purchase if you have a creative child. The ability to customize the bike with their own designs will ensure that it remains a treasured possession. The overall construction of the bike is also very good and the position of the wooden foot pegs ensures that kids can easily transition over to real pedaled bikes after learning to ride.

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