The Best Karaoke Machine for Kids


Some of our best memories as kids were singing along to our favorite karaoke song with our friends. As the oldies, we wanted to share this fun-filled activity with our children. We decided to let our little stars shine by purchasing their karaoke machine for kids. 

Singing Machine SML385UBK

The device has a top-loading CD player and a USB connection to record your sensational singing performance. It has Bluetooth functionality and offers a compelling surround sound experience with echo effects.

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overal Karaoke Machine – Singing Machine SML385UBK
  • The Singing Machine is our pick for the best overall karaoke machine. You can use it in multiple ways – old school style using the top loading CD player or take advantage of new technology by connecting your device via Bluetooth or the USB slot and using a karaoke app. Disco lights and voice effects add style to any performance.
  • Best Budget Option – Earise T26
  • The HIKEP Karaoke Machine offers a ton of functionality at a price point that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. It can be connected to a device via AUX, USB, or Bluetooth and has an FM radio feature to use as a speaker. Is the phone battery running low? You can also use it as a power bank for charging your phone or tablet. This compact karaoke machine can pack the value into a small size.
  • Most Voice Effects – Singsation XL
  • Voice effects are a great way to add extra fun to your karaoke session – who doesn’t want to sing like a chipmunk or an alien? Regarding various effects on offer, the Sensation XL comes in on top. It has over sixty different voice effects that can be controlled via remote, as well as additional harmonizing and pitch-correcting features and sound effects like applause or air horn.
  • Best Mic Stand Moment – Singsation All-in-One
  • The Singsation All-in-One gets major points for the excellent mic stand design – it’s got a platform to hold your device so you can follow along with the words on your karaoke app, and it adjusts from 2′ to 6′ high to accommodate the whole family. Light shows, voice effects, and additional sound effects like cheering crowds make for a complete package. 

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Why Do You Need a Karaoke Machine?

  • It helps boost their self-esteem and confidence: Being center stage can help your child overcome stage fright or shyness in front of crowds. It’s a fun-filled way to build their confidence. And the better they become and the more confident they feel, the better their self-esteem will be. 
  • It’s a fun way to help your child learn to read: Most kids’ karaoke machines display the words on your TV screen. Singing along with your child and showing them the words they’re singing is a fun way for visual learners to read and understand the sounds of the different letter combinations.
  • Family bonding time: Karaoke can be an entertaining way to bring the family together for some bonding time. You could divide into teams and compete for the highest score at night’s end. Or you could host a concert for the aunts, uncles, and grandparents. 
  • Karaoke helps improve brain function: Singing helps improve memory because as the songs become more familiar, you no longer need to read the lyrics to sing along. Singing karaoke helps naturally improve concentration, listening skills, word pronunciation, rhyme, rhythm, sentence structure, and vocabulary. 
  • There are social and emotional benefits: Singing is a way for your little ones to express their emotions, which can help them improve their mood and relieve stress. In the long term, their communication with others can improve. 
  • Karaoke has physical health benefits: Singing is an aerobic exercise; it exercises your cardiovascular system, leading to the oxygenation of your blood and improving overall circulation. Singing can reduce stress hormones, which enhances the strength of your child’s immune system because it is no longer being suppressed. 

A Buyer’s Guide to Karaoke Machines

If you’re looking for the best karaoke machine for kids, consider a few key factors before purchasing. No matter which karaoke machine you choose, supervise your child and ensure they use it safely. With the right machine, your child will sing their heart out quickly!

Age Appropriate Features

Will it just be for your children, or will you and your friends have a wine-filled karaoke night, or will it be a family bonding experience? If your children are younger, a simple and easy-to-operate machine is what you’re looking for. You don’t need a vast selection of features; a handful will be more than enough. 

Look for a karaoke machine that is designed specifically for kids. This should include simple controls, colorful lights, and age-appropriate songs. Some machines may even have built-in voice changers or sound effects that kids will love.

What Functions or Features Do You Want?

Are you looking for a simple machine that will let you sing your heart out, or are you looking for a machine that will create an entire concert with its crazy sound effects, voice effects, and light show? 

Most karaoke machines for kids come with three main categories of effects. Some voice effects refer to “chipmunk,” echo, or alien effects. Sound effects refer to the clips of an audience cheering or clapping, air horns, etc.

However, some karaoke machines take it to the next level. They’ll have features like a master equalizer where you can control and adjust the bass, treble, etc. These features are unnecessary if your kids are belting at home with a few friends or family members. 

Where Will You Be Using the Machine?

Will your machine be one that permanently lives at home, or will it be traveling to any party or function you’re attending? If you’re looking for a karaoke machine for kids that is easy to transport, try and look for designs with two wheels and two feet with an extendable handle, like a suitcase. This makes it easy to move around without having to carry it. You’d only need to lift it when packing it into your car. 

How Many Microphones do you Want?

Most of the karaoke machines for kids have one or two mic inputs. How many microphones you need depends on what you plan to use the karaoke machine for, how many of your kid’s friends enjoy performing, or how many family members love to sing. However, we do recommend purchasing a karaoke machine with two microphone inputs. 

Another thing to note is the number of microphones that come with your karaoke machine for kids when you purchase it. Some machines come with two microphones, and others come with non. Be sure to read the fine print before you commit to a machine.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Some karaoke machines may have built-in Bluetooth or USB connectivity, allowing you to connect to your smartphone, tablet, or computer to access additional songs or streaming services.


Kids can be rough on their toys, so look for a karaoke machine built to withstand some wear and tear. Look for models made from sturdy materials that can withstand bumps and drops.


If you plan on taking the karaoke machine on the go, look for a portable model that is easy to transport. This should include a lightweight design and a convenient carrying handle.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the karaoke machine is crucial to the overall experience. Look for a model with high-quality speakers that produce clear, crisp sound. Some machines may even have a built-in equalizer to adjust the sound to your liking.


Karaoke machines for kids can range from under $50 to over $100. Consider your budget and what features are most important to you when deciding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Group Is Suitable for a Kids Karaoke Machine?

Karaoke machines are generally suitable for children aged three years and above.

What Features Should I Look For in a Karaoke Machine?

When purchasing a karaoke machine, you should look for features such as built-in speakers, microphones, a CD player, Bluetooth connectivity, and various sound effects.

Can I Connect My Smartphone to a Karaoke Machine?

Yes, some karaoke machines offer Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet to the device and play music from your favorite streaming service.

Are There Any Safety Concerns With Using a Kids Karaoke Machine?

Parents should always supervise young children using a karaoke machine and ensure the device is used safely and appropriately. Parents should also ensure that the volume level is not too high to prevent potential hearing damage.

Can a Kids Karaoke Machine Improve a Child’s Singing Abilities?

While a karaoke machine can provide a fun and engaging way for children to practice their singing skills, it is not a substitute for professional voice training.

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