7 Reasons To Get Your Kids Gel Blasters


Gel blasters are the latest craze among kids. They are loads of fun and are an excellent way to get your kids outdoors and exercise. If you’re looking for a fun and exciting outdoor activity for your kids, look no further than gel blaster guns! These awesome toys allow kids to play a thrilling game of tag while teaching them important lessons about safety, teamwork, and strategy.

Not only are they exciting and fun, but they’re also safe and lightweight, making them easy for any age to use. They are the perfect way to get your kids off the couch and outside, and they will surely have a blast doing it.

Why Are Gel Blasters a Better Alternative to Paintball Guns?

Gel blasters are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons. They are typically safer than paintball guns due to their lower velocity and the softer ammo they use, making them great for kids and beginners. They are also cheaper to buy, maintain, and use since they don’t require expensive paintballs. They usually have more features than paintball guns, such as an adjustable hop-up and a much larger variety of customization options. Lastly, they are much quieter than paintball guns, making them ideal for indoor and low-noise outdoor games.

Are Gel Blasters Safe for Kids to Play With?

Yes, they are safe for kids to play with. The gellets, gel pellets, are non-toxic and biodegradable, so they won’t cause any harm to your kids or their environment.

This being said, they can be a fun, interactive way for kids to play; however, it is important to understand the safety precautions that must be taken when using them. As with any toy, gel blasters should be used under the supervision of an adult. It is important always to wear protective eyewear and appropriate clothing while playing. Additionally, never point a gel blaster at another person, even if it is not loaded.

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7 Reasons Why Your Kids Will Love a Gel Blaster

1. They Are Easy to Use and Safe

The projectiles or gel pellets from gel blasters are made from soft, non-toxic gel. This means that kids can safely enjoy playing with these toys without risking injury or damage to property. These toys are also incredibly easy to use. All your kids will need is the gellet to shoot with, protective gear to protect their eyes and open skin, and a safe and open space to play.

2. They Are Less Messy Than Paintball Guns

They are considerably less messy than paintball guns, as they don’t require paint. The gel balls are also much softer and non-toxic so they won’t cause any harm to your kids or their environment. The pellets are also biodegradable, so they won’t cause any lasting damage.

3. Helps to Develop Your Child’s Dexterity and Coordination

They are greatly beneficial in developing your child’s dexterity and coordination. Your child will learn about dexterity by having to hold the blaster properly and use their fingers to shoot the balls. They will also have to use coordination to shoot the balls toward their intended target. 

4. They Provide Great Physical and Social Activity for Kids

Perfect for burning off excess energy, they are great for kids who are always on the go and always running around. They are also great for kids who are a bit more subdued, as they can remain relatively sedentary while playing with a gel blaster as well. These toys are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

5. There Are Many Fun Games to Play – Get Creative

There are many fun games to play with gel blasters that your kids can enjoy, keeping them entertained for hours. They can play a game of elimination where they take turns shooting the balls at each other until one person/team is eliminated. Both teams remain stationary. This game is very much focused on developing aim and precision. Another classic tactical game is capturing the flag, where each team tries to take the flag positioned at the other team’s base.

Gel blasters provide a realistic experience, with realistic-looking guns and realistic projectile gel balls. This means that kids can engage in fun, pretend-play scenarios that feel like the real thing.

6. They Can Be Used at Any Time of the Year

They can play with their gel blasters any time of the year, as they are not bound to any weather-related restrictions, such as water guns. Gel blasters are also perfect for playing indoors as the gel pellets do not create any mess when used.

7. They Are Interactive and Engaging

Gel blasters provide a unique way for kids to interact with each other, as they must work together to strategize and cooperate in order to succeed.

Safety Tips for Your Kids When Playing With Gel Blasters

Gel blasters can be a fun and exciting activity for kids, but they must practice good safety habits.

  • Make sure your kids understand the safety rules and follow them. Explain the importance of proper eye protection and always wear protective gear when playing.
  • Make sure your kids use their gel blasters responsibly. Supervise them when they are playing and make sure they are using them in a safe area.
  • Ensure that your gel blasters are always loaded with the correct ammunition. Never let your kids use anything other than the correct ammo.
  • Make sure your kids know not to point their gel blasters at anyone and to never shoot at other people, animals, or property.
  • Teach your kids to handle their gel blasters with respect. Show them how to properly store and clean their blasters, and make sure they know not to aim their blasters at anyone or anything.
  • Ensure that your kids don’t ingest the balls, as the balls are non-toxic but can cause harm if ingested.

By following these safety tips, your kids can enjoy playing with gel blasters while staying safe.

A Final Word

Gel blasters are a great way for kids to have active, outdoor fun. Not only can they get some exercise in, but they can also enjoy the thrill of playing a team game. As a parent, it’s important to ensure that your child is safe while playing with gel blasters and that they are using them responsibly. With the right supervision and guidance, gel blasters can be a great way to keep kids entertained and active. So, grab a gel blaster, get your kids outside and let the battles begin!

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